Ready to experience a transformative facial?
Would you love to have healthy, radiant skin that glows without makeup?

I am invested in the health of your skin and nourishing it to a healthy, radiant glow. Our facials are results-oriented treatments that are individually customized to your skin type. Our treatments feature organic, wild-crafted whole plants and exotic oils free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colors. I will help support the results of your treatment with a home care regime.


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Reflexology is a natural therapy that follows the same principle as acupuncture: every organ has its own corresponding point in other body parts.  Through massaging these points on the face, this input encourages strength and energy to be sent to organs and weak structures to improve their function.  Just as effective as foot and hand reflexology (and, in fact, treating the face transmits signals to the brain quicker), facial reflexology is a deeply soothing, relaxing experience and can help relieve aches and pains as well as improve energy flow to internal organs! The beauty of Dien Chan Zone Reflexology Treatment is that after treatment, I will educate how you can take this healing modality into your own hands and treat yourself in between sessions!


Image 1The LAUREL Whole Plant Organics Facial is a unique facial sourced from over 50 organic and biodynamic whole plants that have been expertly blended into treatment powder masques and facial compresses to offer maximum support and efficacy with cell regeneration, detoxification and inflammation.


This facial allows us to play alchemist in the treatment room and customize each facial to address the client's specific skin concerns ranging from severe dryness, sensitivity, collagen loss, rosacea and acne.  To further support the health of the skin from the inside out, I incorporate the healing modality of the Gua Sha Holistic Facelift Massage.  This therapeutic facelift involves a series of precise techniques to achieve immediately noticeable results in the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, dark eye circles, puffy eyes, age spots and discolorations.   It is proven to brighten your complexion, leaving you with a healthier, younger-looking and radiant skin function.   Drawing national recognition for being an effective alternative to a surgical facelift, it has been touted for preventing and treating the signs of aging and promoting overall skin rejuvenation from the inside out.


Image 2The Classic Dr.Hauschka Facial Treatment is a time-honored tradition created by Elisabeth Sigmund, a pioneer in the field of holistic esthetics.  Using pure, synthetic-free skin care preparations, the holistic Dr.Hauschka treatment revitalizes the skin and encourages deep relaxation.  The heart of the treatment is the lymphatic massage – gentle, rhythmic hand and brush movements will awaken the lymph and strengthen the immune system to reduce inflammation, remove toxins and enliven skin with a warm, soft glow.  Warm compresses, a décolleté, arm and hand massage, treatment mask and customized face creams are included in this sensory-rich, nurturing experience.


For the Full Experience, combine the best of both treatments. Begin your session with a holistic facial using your choice of either Laurel or Dr.Hauschka. Conclude your journey with a full facial reflexology massage. 





First Visit $65
Follow-up Visits $50


Laurel Whole Plant Organics Facial
60 Minutes $85
90 Minutes $110


Dr.Hauschka Facial
60 Minutes $85


Full Experience
80 Minutes $130